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Scottsdale Maternity | The Marten Family

She has the ability to put you at ease with the way she says "It's okay!" (even over text message), she is thoughtful, kind, really funny and even though she'd rather watch a show like Shark Tank over the Real Housewives of Anywhere (I can forgive her this one thing;) she's super cool.  She knows all the best Instagram boutiques and has the best eye for designing the most unique and fun nurseries, she can put together the cutest toddler outfit with her eyes closed in 10 seconds flat.  She can run on little to no sleep like a champ and shows the most unbelievable amount of patience toward her beautiful daughter (the non-sleeper).  She is a devoted wife and mother and the best friend a girl like me could ask for.  I've said it many times but I will always be thankful that I walked into that hospital mom's group, because I almost didn't and had I skipped it I probably would have missed out on meeting Courtney. 

This may sound a little love letter-ish, but when you get to be an adult you really evaluate who your friends are and it isn't easy to meet a quality person, who gets you on your best day and also on your worst.  I'm just super thankful and SO excited to meet the newest edition and my future (way in the future) child's best friend!

The Marten Family have grown to be some of our closest friends and I couldn't imagine life without them! 

Here are some of my favorites from our recent in home maternity session, I hope you love them as much as I do!

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