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A New Year and An Improved Perspective!

I was an only child in every sense of the word.  I had always gotten my way, maybe I was a little spoiled, but my mom taught me to share, to be a hard worker, and to delay gratification; to this day I still value these principles.  I'm a true only child in the sense that I have always been in control of my time and my perspective has always been my own.  The one thing that has cured me from my "only child syndrome", a life of freedom and innocent selfishness...having a child of my own.  

Jack is 19 months old and from the first moment I held him I fell madly in love with him.  In that hospital room in those first few moments of post delivery bliss I did not realize how he would rock my world.  I did not realize how everything about my life would change, my freedom, my sleep, my eating schedule (if I got to eat at all), my sanity, my perspective. Up until that point the biggest parenting decision I'd had to make was which infant car seat I wanted to register for, I was clueless.

The first several months were messy to say the least but little by little I embraced my new role as a mother.  I started to see that there was so much beauty mixed in with my days of diapers, meal preparation, sleep training, putting away toys (then putting them away again), tantrums and laundry.  I started to capture those beautiful moments with my camera and it was then that I realized that the life and perspective I had before Jack paled in comparison to the one that I now had with him.

For my clients and in my everyday life I find the beautiful within the ordinary.  I now know how to find the perfect light in a room someone would consider dark, or the perfect way to take a photo of a fussy baby.  I now know that sometimes you just sit back and let the moment reveal itself rather than forcing it to happen. And I now know that if you change your perspective, you can see the beauty in any situation.

Our recent trip to Kauai over the holiday made all of what I'd learned over the last 19 months even more clear.  

I took this picture of Hanalei Pier from the car, Jack was fussing and I felt rushed.  And it shows.

It's a picture documenting that we were there but I wasn't happy with it.  It didn't capture how cool the structure actually is, or how beautiful the beach is, so, I got out of the car! Imagine that! The next couple photos illustrate that if you look at something from a different perspective, you will find incredible beauty!

I will go into this new year feeling blessed and grateful for my new perspective! Not only does it make me a better mother and wife but it makes me a better photographer. 

I hope that you are embracing your perspective, what ever it may be, and that your new year is filled with good health, happiness and love!







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