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Az Lifestyle Newborn Photographer|The Barrett Family Welcomes Baby Kingston!

The Barrett's have been some of my biggest supporters in growing my photography business so it is only fitting that as I've been rolling out my new website and blog they are the first clients to be featured!  First with Kingston's Birthday and now his newborn session.  I can't put into words how thankful I am to them for asking me to photograph the important and meaningful times in their lives.  Here are some of the photos from our session.  Enjoy!

KingstonNewbornBlog 2979 (1).jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2980 (1).jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2978.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2983.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2984.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2988.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2989.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2986.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2987.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 3009.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 3001.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 3002.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 3003.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 3008.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2990.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2991.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2992.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 3007.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2993.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2995.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2996.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2997.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 3005.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2998.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 2999.jpg
KingstonNewbornBlog 3000.jpg


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