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Mini Ballerina

I have never been graceful, I actually consider myself to be quite a klutz (in the most endearing way of course!) Because of this I have always admired dancers.  Especially ballerinas!  The way they move so confident, strong and graceful has always captivated my attention. When I was asked to photograph Sorrin, who recently killed it at a dance competition, I jumped at the opportunity.  Here are some of the images from our time together at the Mesa Arts Center.   Enjoy!

SorrinBallerinaBlog 3036.jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3037.jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3035 (1).jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3041.jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3039.jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3040.jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3036 (1).jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3043.jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3044.jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3045.jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3046.jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3047.jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3048.jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3049.jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3037 (1).jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3038.jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3053.jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3039 (1).jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3054.jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3051.jpg
SorrinBallerinaBlog 3057.jpg

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