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Valentine's Day 2015

Last year when Jack and Sloane were about 8 months old we did a little Valentine's Day photo shoot in Sloane's nursery.  This year we decided to design a little Valentine's Day picnic among the concrete at the Arizona Science Center.  I think we'll make this a yearly tradition until they're thirty! They'll let us...right?

JackandSloaneValentines 2957.jpg
JackandSloaneValentines 2966.jpg
JackandSloaneValentines 2967.jpg
JackandSloaneValentines 2965.jpg
JackandSloaneValentines 2966.jpg
JackandSloaneValentines 2969.jpg
JackandSloaneValentines 2959.jpg
JackandSloaneValentines 2960.jpg
JackandSloaneValentines 2970.jpg
JackandSloaneValentines 2971.jpg
JackandSloaneValentines 2973.jpg
JackandSloaneValentines 2974.jpg

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!



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