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"When are you going to cut his hair?"

"When are you going to cut his hair?" 

This is by far, the NUMBER 1 question I get from friends, family and strangers alike!  Anyone who has seen pictures of my son Jack, whether on FB or Instagram, know that he has long hair. And it is also true that sometimes (and by sometime I mean most of the time) it is in his eyes. 

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I realize that because of Jack's tendency to look a bit like an adorable sheep dog puppy, it draws even more attention to the fact that he is yet to get a haircut.  I TRY to get him to let me "style" his hair, but have you ever tried to style a toddler's hair? I'm pretty sure it would be easier to tame a wild stallion, wrestle a grizzly bear or catch a fish with your bare hands.  Point being I try and sometimes I win but most of the time I do not...

The most interesting part of having a boy with long hair is how people want to decide who he will become based on his long hair.    Here is a short list:

  1. Rock Star
  2. Artist
  3. Photographer (I thought that was funny, the person didn't know I am a photographer)
  4. Wild Child (check)
  5. Professional Surfer
  6. Extreme Sports person
  7. Skate Boarder
  8. Race Car Driver


Now don't get me wrong, I applaud a person that can make their living doing something outside the box but, I wonder, if all those people in all those non-mainstream professions had long hair as children? I know I've seen many a childhood and/or yearbook photo of rock stars sporting bowl cuts, crew cuts and other typical boy haircuts on VH1: Behind the Music! As someone who comes from a Psychology background, it truly fascinates me that our tendency as humans, is to compartmentalize and categorize each other.  And it's not just adults!  A little girl down the street from us was out playing with her sisters, Jack of course ran over, he CANNOT resist the ladies.  After saying hello, the little girl asked, "When are you going to cut his hair?".  I replied that I wasn't sure and that I liked Jack's long hair.  Her reply was hilarious, "Yeah he's still really little so he can have long hair, there's a boy in my [3rd grade] class that has long hair and he's REALLY weird. You don't want baby Jack to be weird so you'll probably cut his hair when he goes to school." She said it in the sweetest way and you could tell she was genuinely concerned at the possibility of Jack becoming a long haired weirdo, so I replied, "Yeah, we'll think about it when he starts school."  And who knows maybe we will...

After all this you are probably wondering, "So what is the answer to the question???" The answer is, Jack is my baby, my first baby.  He is the baby boy I knew I was going to have before I even became pregnant with him.  I am emotionally attached to his hair and for me a haircut is a symbol of my baby becoming a big kid.  I am not ready for him to become a big kid.  I am also not ready for him to become a rock star, an artist, a race car driver, a surfer, a photographer, an attorney, a doctor, a veterinarian or anything else for that matter.  I want him to stay little, plain and simple.  So his hair will stay long for as long as he lets me.  Plus, who doesn't love a toddler with a man-bun? Until then I welcome all the interest in his hair as well as his future.  Keep the question coming!



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